Woman shares ‘best life hack ever’ to stop your cut avocados going brown


Many people love avocados, but one thing that no one likes is how quickly they start turning brown.

The moment after you cut them in half, they start spoiling, which makes it impossible to save some for the next day.

Now whilst there’s already a number of hacks out there that promise to keep the fruit fresh, this method is the simplest of them all.

A woman has shared what she calls the “Best life hack ever” – and foodies were amazed.

The TikTok user explained that all you need to keep your avocados from turning brown overnight, is a container and some water.

All she did was slightly fill up the container with water, before placing the exposed flesh face down into the pot.

Once you’ve done that, pop on your lid and place it in the fridge.

Now we know what you’re thinking, “Surely that will leave it gross and soggy”, and you wouldn’t be alone.

Other TikTok users had their doubts too until she shared a part two where she revealed what the avocado looked like the next day.

She said: “It’s been 24 hours and I just took it out of the fridge. It’s perfectly green but it is a little water logged. I just pat it dry and it gets all that off.”

After peeling the skin off of it, people were shocked, because there was not one bit of brown anywhere.

The original video has since received over 82,000 likes and over one thousand comments from foodies praising her simple hack with some saying it was “Genius” and a “Total game-changer.”

One person said: “This is the only information I have ever needed.”

Another added: “Mind. Blown.”

A third said: “I’m gonna try this! If it works, you are definitely my favourite person right now.”

Others said: “You just saved us all ma’am” and “Oh my gosh…. the avocados that I have wasted.”

And another commented: “This is what we need on TikTok!!!!”