Couple threaten to bar wedding guests if they break ‘cringey’ dress code


A bride and groom have been harshly criticised for their strict wedding dress code.

One of their wedding guests explained that she had been invited to a friend’s son’s wedding and was looking forward to the event until she received their dress code requirements.

Unimpressed with the “strictly enforced” rules that the couple sent to her before their big day, she took to Facebook to share her frustration reported the Daily Star.

She wrote: “We received an invitation to the wedding of the son of one of the physicians I work with.

“It said the dress code would be strictly enforced and that it could be found on their wedding website.”

They added: “I went to the website and this is their dress code…

“Gentlemen: Suit pants only. No tuxedos, no jeans, no khakis. Must be black or navy. Cannot be any shade of grey.

“Shirts – white button down dress shirts only. No patterns.

“Suit coats must be worn. No grey. Black or navy only.

“Ties: solid colours only. Cannot be grey, white, ivory, mauve or sage.”

But the rules were made slightly more simple for women, who had to wear a dress.

They read: “Ladies: Dresses only.

“Not jumpsuits or pant suits. Dresses must be no longer than knee length.

“Dresses cannot be white, ivory, white with a floral pattern, black, beige, black with a pattern, mauve, sage or any shade of grey.”

The guest added: “It then went on to say again that dress code will be strictly enforced and anyone not complying will not be admitted.”

Since being posted on Facebook, the post went viral, with many people disapproving of their rules.

One person said: “This is cringey. It implies their family/friends don’t know how to dress for a wedding without having it spelled out for them.

“Also WTF is ‘no longer than knee length?’

“Do they want to see Great Aunt Mildred in a miniskirt?”

Another joked: “I guess the only way to go is naked then.”

And others urged the wedding guest to turn up in all the banned clothing just to annoy the couple.